the nurse’s lines + the accompanying shots of sherlock/john to the lines

can you see? can you see what this scene is trying to tell us?



when someone say a thing and u know they lyin


when someone u like compliment u


when u a high functioning sociopath with his number



when i try to talk about things i like with people outside of tumblr


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They’re both perfectly acceptable friends in their own way but then they start talking and I wish I really had died.

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Charina’s hand ALMOST does the same pose as Spocks hand…I wish it was the same hahaha. Spock is such a perfect scale for Charina! I am so happy. 

How do you guys feel about her new wig? I don’t know if I feel like its her or not. 

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Anywany it was hilarious, so congratulations c: have a beautiful evening xx

well thank you random anon…  have a great evening you too, sorry i didn’t remember and got confused there for a sec. 

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The anons were talking about your last comment on a post (i can't link it, sorry) c:

oh i didn’t remember that… so yeah i got confused

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congrats on your cake [snuggles] i hope it tasted good!

i am so confused

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Was the cake good?

I don’t have cake…

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